There is one thing that will endlessly fascinate me, no matter where life takes me – history. If you’re like me and innately gravitate towards things that are authentic, rusted and handmade and old black and white photos give you butterflies – i’ve got the baby name list of your dreams! There’s just something about a […]

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  • Frankie B.

    I love the name Elsie for a girl! I told my sister-in-law about the vintage name list. She added Elsie to her list of possibilities. Thanks for sharing it!ReplyCancel

  • These names are beautiful! I love the list you put together. I have a Genevive in my family and absolutely love her name. If I ever had a girl, her name would be Rosemary Claire. Not on the list, but vintagey. (is that a word?) :)ReplyCancel

    • Juliet Rose

      I lovvveee the name Rosemary! So timeless and feminine . . . and vintagey hahaha Thank you for stopping by ❤︎ReplyCancel

My Natural Pregnancy Nausea Remedy That Really Worked – Ginger I am still not sure if the old wives tale is true that you are sicker when you’re pregnant with a girl – but it definitely happened to me. My first pregnancy with my Son was a breeze, I actually worked full time up until the […]

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  • Frankie B

    Great information! I wish I had this remedy when I was pregnant. I remember calling the doctor desperate for a remedy and he told me “Welcome To Motherhood!”

    I will share this with friends and family. Thanks for sharing your experience.ReplyCancel

  • I’m past the morning sickness phase, but this recipe looks so yummy. I would drink it even if I wasn’t pregnant! Hahaha! Thanks for sharing!ReplyCancel

    • Juliet Rose

      The Greenie drink also gives you so much energy after you drink it. During those first few months with a newborn, I ended up continuing to go get one at least once a week just to keep feeling great! Thanks for stopping by :)ReplyCancel

  • I wish I would have seen this several months ago! I had horrible 24/7 nausea in both of my pregnancies (both of which have been boys, btw), and I tried everything to ease it. Nothing helped, not even ginger cookies or ginger candies. I’ll have to save this and try the greenie juice next time!ReplyCancel

    • Juliet Rose

      Oh wow, so you were sick with boys both times? I don’t really believe in wives tales too often (i’m a serial skeptic!) but everything totally fit in line for me – my pregnancy with my son was a breeze and my daughter tormented me from the moment she came to be haha Thank you for stopping by!ReplyCancel

It’s 2016, people. The days of awkwardly adding some cute little poem at the end of your wedding invitation in an attempt to make yourself and your guests feel better about the fact you want cold hard cash for your wedding are over! There is a much simpler and less dramatic way to do so. The […]

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  • You asked why it’s always been considered tacky to ask for money. The reason is that good manners have traditionally dictated that you don’t ask for gifts, period. When you are invited to a wedding, the “honour of your presence” is the only gift that should be expected – anything else is a bonus. That’s why a bride (or pregnant woman) didn’t throw her own baby/bridal shower, either.

    I realize that times have changed dramatically, and I’m not going to input any value judgments about tradition or modern practices, but that’s why it has traditionally been a no-no.


  • Frankie B.

    This is brilliant! Love this website. I am going to share this with my daughter. She is getting married this summer. They already live together and have everything they need for their home. A honeymoon is what they really want!

    Thank you for sharing.ReplyCancel

    • Juliet Rose

      Putting a wedding website on her paper invitation is the PERFECT way to word asking for cash for a dream honeymoon! It takes away the awkwardness :) I hope they have an amazing ceremony and get to go on that dream honeymoon! Thank you for stopping by ❤︎ReplyCancel

I couldn’t get the image out of my head: me floating down the aisle like a queen taking her place at the throne, with a veil so long that it gently skipped along the ground behind my dress. I had to have a cathedral veil long enough to bring the ultimate drama. On my wedding […]

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  • Aww… i’m sorry you had to deal with all of that with your long veil!ReplyCancel

  • Oh my goodness, thank you for this!! I am getting married in 2017 and like you, I have always dreamed of a long veil. I’m definitely going to reconsider now!ReplyCancel

  • I’m sorry that the veil wasn’t as great as you planned. It is nice of you to use this experience to help others! I knew quite a few people who had veil issues on their wedding day so I opted for a fancy headband and have no regrets.ReplyCancel

  • I’m sorry that this happened to you! I chose a short veil because I couldn’t get past the price. Even for a short one!ReplyCancel

  • Frankie

    This is hilarious! I get the beautiful drama of the long veil and never considered the consequences. Good tip! Will pass it on.ReplyCancel

  • Omg yes! I almost chose a long one and all these scenarios will happen, guaranteed.ReplyCancel